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Advanced certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM)

This 6-month intensive program will teach you the latest digital marketing skills, including SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. By the end of the program, you will be ready to hit the ground running in a job or internship in the digital marketing industry. Now in partnership with Ramaiah Institute of Management.

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6 Months

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10 Modules

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Learn 30+

AI & Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing Platforms and Tools

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Learn about all the tools & strategies that will help you become a skilled digital marketer.

Introduction/History of Digital Marketing
  1. Evolution of digital marketing
  2. Foundational Search Engine Marketing
  3. Early stages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Email marketing essentials
  5. Strategy and planning in the digital marketing context
  6. Unique characteristics of digital marketing
  7. Global laws and guidelines applicable to digital marketing campaigns
  8. Introduction to Pay-Per-Click advertising & Display advertising
  9. Foundational social media listening using Awario
  10. Marketing & analytics essentials with RankWatch
Search Engine Optimization
  1. Using powerful insights from SemRush, Arefs, Yoast and RankWatch
  2. Leveraging Facebook insights to optimize campaigns
  3. Keyword selection, search Results and positioning
  4. Content updates and layout
  5. Meta Tags
  6. Stakeholders in search
  7. Ranking
  8. Customer insights
  9. Inbound links and link building
  10. Strengths of Pay-Per-Click
  11. Scheduling

*MINI PROJECT: Keyword research before launch, GMP Suite integration, campaign management, conversion tracking, keyword selection, and conversion metrics: CPA, CTR, bidding, designing landing pages with insights from split testing.*

Digital Display and Video Advertising
  1. Leveraging the power of YouTube Studio
  2. Ubersuggest and Yoast
  3. Writing engaging content
  4. Running effective ads
  5. Zeroing in on campaign objectives
  6. Optimizing the campaign
  7. Campaign planning
  8. Campaign budget
  9. Ad formats
  10. Campaign steps
  11. Targeting the right consumer groups
  12. Benefits of digital display
  13. Deciding on ad features & target audience
  14. Tracking the campaign
  15. Ad display frequency
  16. Situation analysis, iteration & enhancement
Google Marketing Platform (GMP) & Analytics
  1. Integrating Google Marketing Platform (GMP): Data Studio
  2. Optimize surveys and tag manager into your marketing campaigns
  3. Goal configuration & funnels, content strategy with
  4. How does bounce rate impact your campaign
  5. Actionable insights in e-commerce using RankWatch
  6. First things first – Goal setup
  7. Analytics deep dive: dashboard, site speed, standard reporting, real-time reporting.
Social Media Marketing
  1. Deep dive: Concepts of social media
  2. Comparative analysis of diverse social media campaigns with Rival IQ
  3. Monitoring mentions of your brand with Awario
  4. Social media content planning & scheduling
  5. Using Survey Monkey: Fine tune content
  6. Back linking with WordPress
  7. Twitter : Chat, profile set-up
  8. Twitter lists, setting up social media campaign goals
  9. Twitter features
  10. LinkedIn setup and profile
  11. Facebook features: Facebook business page
  12. Facebook messenger for business
  13. LinkedIn company page
  14. Instagram features
  15. Third party apps for Instagram
  16. Instagram best practice
Mobile Marketing
  1. Understanding opportunities & risks through Firebase
  2. SMS content
  3. SMS strategy
  4. Mobile advertising concepts
  5. Mobile optimized websites
  6. Leveraging mobile apps
  7. The big app decision – using
  8. Proximity marketing with Bluetooth
  9. Coupons & ticketing
  10. Implementation
  11. Strategic steps
  12. Setting up marketing goals
  13. Review & testing
  14. Key trends
  15. Social media channels
Email Marketing
  1. Mailchimp: Email structure
  2. Email design
  3. Campaign process
  4. Leveraging HubSpot for ROI measurement
  5. Email delivery and user behaviour
  6. Data Capture: Online, key terms and metrics
  7. Email systems
  8. User characteristics
  9. Data capture: Face-to-face, split testing, filtering, email copy, segmentation
Video/Content Marketing


  1. Creative formats
  2. Creating high quality content
  3. Working with YouTube Studio
  4. Designing with Canva
  5. Essentials of BRM management
  6. Using influencer marketing
  7. Campaign steps
  8. Targeting the right audience with video content
  9. Benefits of Digital Display
  10. Tracking the campaign
  11. Challenges with Digital Display
  12. Ad display frequency
  13. Setting campaign objectives
  14. Optimizing the campaign
  15. Calculating business value
Chat GPT and Essential AI Tools
  1. Introduction to Chat GPT and AI Tools
  2. Chat GPT Architecture
  3. Generating Text with Chat GPT
  4. Chat GPT Applications
  5. Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  6. Building Conversational Agents
  7. Language Translation with Chat GPT
  8. Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
  9. Chat GPT and Reinforcement Learning
  10. Deploying Chat GPT Models
Content writing
  1. Introduction to Content Writing
  2. Understanding Target Audiences
  3. Crafting Compelling Headlines and Introductions
  4. Writing for Different Platforms and Formats
  5. Content Planning and Organization
Capstone Project

Mandatory: Industry Relevant Capstone Project: Guided by MAA Academy guides.

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learns from india’s top Digital marketing faculty and industry leaders

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Dr. Kotresh Patil

Professor Practice

A seasoned marketing professional with 13 years of experience in industry, research, and teaching. Dr. Patil holds a PhD, PGDDM, and MBA in marketing.

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frequently ask questions

Is the course online or offline?

The course is available both online and offline. Our offline classes are held in our campus in Domlur, Bangalore.

What will I learn from this course?

Our comprehensive course covers a wide range of topics including social media best practices, content marketing, video creation, AI tools, and more. You’ll gain practical skills to plan and execute effective digital marketing campaigns, create engaging content, and leverage AI for various applications.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course and assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion. Our certificates are recognized and valued in the industry.

Are there any assignments or assessments?

Yes, throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to complete assignments and quizzes to reinforce your learning. These assessments are designed to help you apply the concepts you’ve learned.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You will have lifetime access to the course materials, including video lectures, resources, and any updates we make to the content.

Is the course live or pre-recorded?

The course primarily consists of live lectures, providing you with real-time engagement and interaction with our instructors. These live sessions ensure that you can actively participate, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback. Additionally, for your convenience, all live sessions are recorded and made available for you to review at your own pace. This dual approach offers the flexibility to attend live classes while accommodating your schedule.

programme overview

Live Projects

Capstone Project

Expert trainers with more than 15 years of experience

Learn 30+ marketing & AI tools

Hands-on learning experience

New specialisation on Generative AI in Digital Marketing

One-on-One doubt clearing

AI and ChatGPT as separate modules.

LMS- Learning Management System

Doubt solving by experts

Become an expert in latest AI tools like ChatGPT

Capstone Project
Translate Knowledge into Action

As a culminating experience, you’ll undertake an industry-relevant capstone project. This project is designed to cement your learning and prepare you to hit the ground running in your next job or internship.

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